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Stage 3 Crypto

Leverage Your Asset Portfolio with NFTs!

Stage 3 Crypto is a patented pending technology revolutionizing the proof of stake (PoS) protocol. It caters to advanced crypto enthusiasts and new adopters of web3, providing them with a seamless way to jump on the PoS rocket and leverage the earning potential of the Ethereum blockchain. We developed the technology in 2021 to address the anticipated challenges of the PoS revolution. By utilizing our technologies, users can be part of the future of crypto and contribute to the future of blockchain itself. Our technology promises to eliminate common problems associated with PoS protocols, making it an attractive option for those looking to take advantage of the potential of the Ethereum blockchain.

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why Choose us

Why choose Stage 3 Crypto
Digital Assets


Partial Node Ownership


Full Node Ownership

Validator Mining

Add new trending and rare artwork to your collection.

Earn Crypto

Earn Cryptocurrency


Our technology allows us to sell you a portion of a functioning miner/validator using an ERC721(NFT) as proof of ownership of your share. If the node is shutdown you will receive back a portion of the staked crypto. You own the node!!!!


Be a pioneer of a new crypto asset class with your very own private node packaged in a solution, custom tailored to your needs. Bespoke in every way, WellSpring+ allows you to take charge of your revenue stream, and leverage crypto validation for your needs in bold and exciting ways!

Our Roadmap

Stage 3 Crypto

November 2021

An Idea Was Born

On another business road trip, Sam & Kyle had brainstormed the idea.
February & March, 2022


Business formed as The Consortia Project Provisional Patent Approved!
July, 2022

Coding Started

Initial Programming of Ethereum Validation Nodes on Ethereum Test Net
July, 2023

Data Center Construction

All our fancy hardware arrived! Design, Construction, and Testing has commenced! Operating Systems and Redundancy Testing
December, 2023

Data Center Completed

Hardware Setup Completed!
February, 2023

Coding Completed

Software Development and Implementation Completed
March, 2023

Validation Serves Launched

Soft Launch of Our Services
October, 2023

New Website Launch

Our New Website Has Launched!
Our team

The Stage 3 Crypto
Leadership Team

Sam ElFar

Founder & CEO

Kyle Sponable

Co-Founder & CTO

Ryan Handley

Marketing Manger

Kyle Mette

Account Executive

Brandon Michaels

Account Executive

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